My experience with Kontact, Addressbook and Akonadi

David Fletcher dave at
Sat May 15 13:10:23 UTC 2010

On Saturday 15 May 2010, Mark Greenwood wrote:
> Would anyone from the Kubuntu team care to comment on how it is acceptable 
to release something so utterly broken? I've just spent the best part of a 
morning trying to get this stuff to work. In the end I've just given up. I'll 
have to live without an address book - I did get the addressbook to work by 
following this thread, but that had the side effect of making Kopete lose all 
its account settings every time I logged out. *sigh*.
> Mark

I'm still using Hardy with kmail, kaddressbook, kwallet and it all works very 
nicely indeed.

I have Lucid installed as a virtual machine, for the sole reason that I need 
the latest version of ufraw to process the files from my K-7.

From what I've read on the list, it sounds like the whole thing has become 
hugely complicated, unwieldy and unreliable. All I want as a normal, home 
user, is to have my address book stored on my local hard drive in some 
sufficiently simple fashion that it not only works, but will continue to work 
when the system is upgraded, possibly to a new hard drive, and my home 
directories restored from a tar file backup. Is that too much to ask? I don't 
know - reading all the tales of woe I've not been tempted to try it yet.

Not being a developer, I guess I can't criticise their policies, but what does 
seem obvious is that if we want Linux to improve the world of personal 
computing then the user base needs to increase as quickly as possible, in 
order to, e.g. put pressure on hardware vendors to release driver 
specifications. Judging purely on what I've been reading on this list over 
the past few months, Kubuntu is not presently in a position to achieve this.



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