A way to be rid or Akonadi, indexing, wallet, hpl*, nepomuk & useless drivers?

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Sat May 15 11:32:10 UTC 2010

Eric Lee Elliott wrote:
> Is there a simple way to install Ubuntu or Kubuntu without Akonadi,

No, it is tied tightly with KDE (no matter the distro)

> wallet

Can't easily remove, but can very easily be disabled after the install. 
(but imo having it by default is the wise choice, stolen or borowed 
laptops without secure passwords are just two reason for this, having 
been bit by these myself I no longer disable kwallet on my laptops but 
do still disable on my desktop at home)

, nepomuk,

Also can be disabled after the install

  hpl*, IRC, IM&  all the drivers that will never be used
> in my laptops?

irc and im are not driver, but are just applications. These can be 
removed, and the package manager will also remove packages that are 
required by what you are removing. If you are not sure what is safe or 
not for the package manager to uninstall, post the list here and we can 
help you determine.

unused Drivers usually can be removed safely, but the above is also 
something to take into account. Also note that unused drivers are not 
actually loaded if they are not being used at least in the vast majority 
of cases.


> I have tried to remove software&  drivers, often to be notified much
> other software will also be removed.
> My question is due to functionality, not just to save disk space.
> NetworkManager is good after Wallet is disabled for each of 4 computers.
>    ATI video is stable after all the other video hardware drivers are
> removed from a Thinkpad T60.
> Eric

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