Unable to remotely login to KDE with VNC

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at web.de
Thu May 13 01:32:14 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 12 May 2010, Jim Cunning wrote:
> I have a workstation at my office that I cannot login to using a
> local tightVNC and x11vnc at the remote system.  When I enter the
> password, my vncviewer window closes and after reconnecting to
> the remote system, the login screen is still present.  I know
> it's not a password issue, because this only happens when the
> correct password is entered.  If I'm already logged-in, there's
> no problem, even if the session was locked and required entering
> a password.
> I'm aware that gdm has a parameter (KillInitClients=false) to
> disable this behavior, but I also saw somewhere that KDE (kdm)
> does not use this.  I'm confused by this, because gdm is the
> process displaying the login splash screen.  Putting
> "KillInitClients=false" into /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and
> /etc/gdm/custom.conf has no effect.
> Anyone know where/what kdm needs to disable this behavior?

I'm a little confused now - are you using gdm or kdm? Does simply 
switching to the other help?

I know this isn't quite what you want, but would using krfb until you 
get this sorted be a viable workaround?


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