- presentation problem

Errol Sapir errol at
Fri May 7 20:25:27 UTC 2010

> which monitor do you have and is it/they setup correctly in Kubuntu? I
> mean, does Kubuntu show correctly the monitor it detected on
> installation and it refresh rate and resolution?
This is the tip that solved the problem for me. I played around with my 
screen resolution and that eventually solved the problem for me. I still 
have the #173 driver and maybe with the site you posted below I will get 
that changed. But now at least I can see a slide show. Thanks Basil!

> Have you looked here: ?
> Re the #195 driver, in Ubuntu there is an option which checks if the
> nvidia driver is installed and then, if not, gives you the option to
> install a driver - but it doesn't show that the latest driver is #195;
> however, one can see what the driver is by looking in the Synaptic
> Package Manager. In Kubuntu/KDE you should be able to see same by
> looking in the Software Manager -and there you should also be able to
> select it for installation. But here I have to make an additional
> comment: in my Ubuntu Lucid I have a repo selected in the Sources which
> may be have given me the #195 driver, but the driver which actually
> comes with the release version of Lucid could be #193. In case,
> therefore, you may find that you only have the choice of installing
> #193. (All clear as mud? :-) )
> BC

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