Lucid Lynx and grub

Mario Andes multilingus at
Sat May 1 00:09:57 UTC 2010

Hi Bruce,

in /etc/default/grub initially GRUB_DEFAULT is set to 'saved'. You can set
it to 0 fir the first entry in the list and so forth until the number of  
last entry.
Afterwards when starting a system its number is saved in in variable  
so the next time you start the system this number will be used if you have
set GRUB_DEFAULT='saved'.
That is what I expected to happen as set with 09.10!
BUT NOTHING! /etc/default/grub and /boot/grub/grub.cfg (translated vesion  
are ok and the system always starts with the first entry of the list.

Apparently /etc/default/grub ist not translated correctly.
Unfortunately I sdo not know when and where it is translated.
I suppose the sources are corrupted, update-grub doesn't work or isn't
compiled well when installing.
The Upgrade was loaded, compiled and installed automatically in 1 to 2  
loading the sources by internet and doing the rest on my computer with  

As 09.10 worked well all the time something during compilation must have  

Maybe somebody knows this error and what to change!

Regards Mario

On Sat, 01 May 2010 01:03:05 +0200, Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at>  

> On Friday, April 30, 2010, Mario Andes wrote:
>> Lucid Lynx' grub doesn't start but the first system in the list!
>> Sure, I can select another one. The advantage of grub 2 was that I  
>> didn't
>> have to select a system every time.
> Maybe there is a feature of grub that I never knew about, but grub for  
> me has
> always started the "default system".    That default system is defined  
> as the
> number of the entry of the system in the list of systems grub knows  
> about.
> The normal default = 0   as the system is installed, and that is what  
> you are
> seeing happen.
> The default is defined in  /etc/default/grub as:
> If you want it to boot some other system entry,  change the above to be  
> the
> number of that entry in the list.

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