Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Steve Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Sat Mar 27 02:03:49 GMT 2010

On 26/03/10 18:51, Knapp wrote:
>> My main concern with this was that I have to use ndiswrapper for my wireless
>> card which is not installed from the live cd, so I have to make arrangements
>> to download it via another machine and copy it to this machine. I can't get
>> it from the repositories until I have the wireless card working for internet
>> access and I can't get the wireless card working until I get ndiswrapper
>> from the respositories.
> Can't you just use the hardline for that bit. I know when I have these
> problems I just move my machine over to my router and plug in for a
> bit.
Not easily. My router is in another room next to the phone socket. I 
could move the modem next to the machine and run a cable between rooms 
from the modem to the phone socket but that introduces other issues.


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