wireless failure

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 10:55:43 GMT 2010

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:22 PM, Tom Bell <cbell44 at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> Knapp wrote:
>> That is not an option. One crash every few months is not a reason to
>> give myself a months worth of work getting everything set up again.
>> I need to fix the wifi. A crashing computer should not take out the
>> wifi each time. As the cause of the crash is likely beta drivers for
>> Bamboo that I need(There are no finish ones).
>> On 3/22/10, Tom Bell <cbell44 at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
>> Knapp wrote:
>> >>> Hello, I had my computer freeze up and then robooted. After that the
>> >>> wireless will not work. It shows up on lsusb but not on ifconfig. I
>> >>> had this happen before and swapping my wireless dongle with my laptop
>> >>> made it work but now that one will not work ether because it computer
>> >>> crashed again. Both dongles still work on the laptop so I guess the
>> >>> crash has borked a config somewhere but I don't know where to look
>> >>> now. Thanks.
>> >>>
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> Have you tried Synaptic and click on "Edit" -> "Fix Broken Packages"?
> What package are you using for WiFi? WICD? KNetwork Connections?
> I don't know what happened to KNetwork Manager unless the name was
> changed to KNetwork Connections.
> What do you get when you type "sudo ifup wlan0"?  If you don't have
> Wlan0 then use whatever name is given for your wireless.
> What do you get with "iwconfig"?
> Tom

Thanks for the help. I got it working. Not sure how but I think it was
because I removed the config files for wicd and rebooted.

Douglas E Knapp

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.

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