Ctrl-Tab should switch tabs in Dolphin

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 13:39:22 GMT 2010

Hello everybody!

> Dotan has done more to help on this list than 90% of the people on here.
> He files bug reports for many of the issues you see posted on here every
> day. As just an average home user I have a hard time figuring out how to
> get a bug posted so what Dotan does is a _REAL_ service to this community.

I agree!

> If some post comes through the list that you don't like simply hit
> delete, that's why that button is there. There is no need to start a
> long thread of hate mail and rebuttals.

Nothing to add!

> Is the "tab" thing something new in the next update to Kubuntu/KDE? I
> haven't seen any tabs in Dolphin. Split but no tabs. I kind of like the
> idea of tabs in Dolphin.

Tabs already exist within Dolphin. Open that file manager and carry
out this command: 'control-t'. Or open a new tab graphically via FILE
> new tab.
In the bug and wish report module indicated by Dotan, I already
supported Dotan's idea. Not only because 'Control-Tab' is a normal
command for tab switching in several other applications. But also
because 'Control-' within Dolphin is a bit ambiguous command: there it
implies both 'tab-switch' and 'zoom-out'.

Respectfully yours,


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