Kubuntu Jaunty does not display KDM after boot up

Andrew C mynextid at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 10:28:41 GMT 2010

On Sun March 21 2010 3:18:36 pm Goh Lip wrote:
> Try to install some other theme (system settings) and see if that helps.

That was my first guess too, but unfortunately that did not help so far

> If Alvin's proposal solves your problem, please let us know as well.


> Perhaps a new 'fresh' install as opposed to an upgrade from existing Jaunty could help?
> Lucid still have some rough edges especially with this type of problem; may be advisable 
> to wait till it is fully released (still suggest a fresh install).

Sorry I failed to mention the details but when I said I had upgraded to Karmic twice,
I had meant once using the update-notifier from jaunty and the other was a clean fresh Install.
I have high hopes for Lucid, with it being a LTS, so I will wait for its release and do a clean Install of it too :)

> As pointed out to me by Tom, a better instruction would be
> alt + prt scr + k

Thank you for the info, I had followed the thread about a Blank Screen after Login on Karmic,
so was wondering, its funny how the Alt key matters in the keystroke too ;)

> Good luck, take care -Goh Lip

Likewise !! :D

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