KDE 4.4, top panel and black area

Georgi Kourtev gkourtev at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 13:05:21 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 10:19:51 Laurent Humblet wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I have upgraded to KDE 4.4, I'm getting the following error (see
> snpashot attached): My top panel render some black area as background
> for the panel in a strange manner: the top right section of the panel is
> black and but when you change the height or the width of the panel, the
> background seems to refresh and renders the top grey area again.  If you
> come back to the original size, the black area appears again.
> This is all not too much annoying until you reboot and then the problem
> I seemed to have fixed is back.
> So here is what I've been doing everyday for the last few weeks:
> - black background appears at boot time (size 0)
> - change the size of the navigation (let's say two pixels more for the
> height of the panel) (size 1)
> - background is normal again
> - reboot (or shutdown end of the day, restart the next morning)
> - new resized background (size 1) is black (and so is size 0)
> - change the size of the navigation (size 2)
> - background is normal again
> - reboot
> - new resized background (size 2) is black (and so is size 0 and size 1)
> So it seems that the panel background image get resampled every time I
> resize it to a normal background but then that background gets black for
> some reason when I reboot.
> I think that those resized backgrounds are stored somewhere on my
> computer and their saving system might be corrupted and save only a
> black version of the image.  The current 'non-black' screenshot is in
> the computer's RAM while the computer is running so it's not black until
> it's being saved onto the computer and re-loaded at the next reboot and
> so loaded as black as it's been saved as black (or so I believe).
> See the following attached screenshots for more info :
> 	- kde_4_4_top_black.png
> 	- kde_4_4_top_resized.png
> Please let me know if there is a fix for this, I'm running out of panel
> size options, my top panel now has a black area for almost all different
> possible panel sizes.
> Cheers,
> Laurent

I have the same although my panel is at the bottom.  Can be related with the 
screen resolution, although I don't know how to change it on my PC to check. I 
use for that the NVidia tool that does not allow me to save the changes in the 

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