SFTP kioslave and ~/.ssh/config

Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at web.de
Mon Mar 15 13:36:42 UTC 2010

On Monday 15 March 2010, Alvin wrote:
> The situation:
> I have a server 'leto' and a server 'ghanima' in the same network.
> SSH port 50022 is forwarded to port 22 on leto.
> In order to reach ghanima, I have the following entries in
> ~/.ssh/config
> 	Host ghanima.local.alvin.be ghanima
> 	  User          alvin
> 	  HostName      ghanima.local.alvin.be
> 	  ProxyCommand  ssh leto nc %h %p 2> /dev/null
> 	Host leto.local.alvin.be leto
> 	  HostKeyAlias  leto
> 	  HostName      <my-currently-hidden-ip-address>
> 	  port 50022
> This is working fine from a terminal. "$ ssh ghanima" will
> immediately give me a prompt on ghanima if I log in from an
> external location.
> This also works with fish://ghanima in Dolphin
> This does NOT work with sftp://ghanima in Dolphin.
> The error is: "Could not connect to host Failed to resolve
> hostname ghanima.local.alvin.be (Name or service not known)."

Does it work when you specify the port in the URL? Does using the 
sftp commandline client work (I see in its debug output that it reads 
~/.ssh/config)? You may want to activate the -v flag to see whether 
any of the options you use are deprecated.
Might /etc/ssh/ssh_config be interfering in some way?

> Since SFTP is the preferred choice, and also automatically used
> when choosing 'ssh' in remoteview:/ I'd like SFTP to work. ("$
> sftp ghanima" in a terminal does.)
> Should I report this as a bug?

I've always used fish and never thought of using SFTP. I'm not sure 
whether this is a bug in KDE or some backend library they use, but 
you should definitely report it...
Please post a link to the report here so that I can vote for it.


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