How to my my USB Bluetooth Port

Eric ejazzkatt at
Sun Mar 14 16:13:20 UTC 2010

pierre jocelyn andre wrote:
> 1. *bluez-compat <apt://bluez-compat> via synaptic or via apt for 9.04
> 2 * icĂ´ne bluetooth 
> <>   
> for 9.10
> 3  before apt://bluez-gnome,gnome-bluetooth,gnome-vfs-obexftp 
> <apt://bluez-gnome,gnome-bluetooth,gnome-vfs-obexftp> 

It's better to not top post. It confuses replies.

I don't understand what you sent me. Bluetooth is working fine on my 
computer. I need to know where the port is located so that I can 
configure Wammu. There is a wizard and it says "Please enter device 
where phone is accessible." It also says "Enter Bluetooth address of 
your phone" So I'm looking for the Bluetooth address.

Eric Jackson

> 2010/3/14 Eric <ejazzkatt at <mailto:ejazzkatt at>>
>     I am trying to configure my cell phone via bluetooth. The phone is a
>     Motorola W490. I have a USB Bluetooth device. In trying to configure
>     Wammu, it asked where my Bluetooth device is located. Does anyone know
>     where it's located or how I can find out where it's located?
>     Eric
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