Kubuntu/Ubuntu does not remove everything from memory at shutdown

Steve Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Fri Mar 12 01:02:01 UTC 2010

On 11/03/10 14:53, Pastor JW wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 March 2010 11:34:33 am Steve Morris wrote:
>> On 11/03/10 03:22, Juergen Sauer wrote:
>>> Am Freitag, 5. März 2010 schrieb Mark Greenwood:
>>>>> Looks like an pure Windows7 Problem. Ask them.
>>>> No it's not a Windows problem, I have the same. If I choose 'Reboot' on
>>>> my laptop from within Kubuntu, then when the laptop comes back up I have
>>>> no ACPI functionality and no sound. I have to Shutdown and then switch
>>>> on again to do a proper reboot from within (K)Ubuntu. This does not
>>>> happen with Mandriva. However on my desktop system a reboot from Kubuntu
>>>> works fine. I suspect it is an ACPI bug and I reported it to Ubuntu
>>>> about, oh, two millennia ago.
>>> Ofcours is it a Problem of the booting operation system if it can not
>>> correctla initialize the system's hardware.
>>> If a system is to be booted, a OS must be able to boot correctly.
>>> In this definition it is a clearly Windoze 7 problem.
>>> Jojo
>> No, it is not a Windows 7 problem, it is Kubuntu/Ubuntu not doing things
>> properly with the hardware when it shuts down.
> it is not shutting down that is the problem.  Either the sound card is flaky
> in which case from time to time both Mandriva and Ubuntu would also fail to
> produce sound upon start-up OR the problem is with the OS not correctly
> initializing the sound card upon boot up.  Any values left in componet parts
> are supposed to be reset to the values the OS requires when it boots the
> system up.  Mandriva seems to handle this fine as does Ubuntu on your
> computer, the other one clearly seems unable to handle this usually simple
> task.  Does it also re-display your previous OS's  last monitor screens?
I don't get re-displays of previous OS's last monitor screens. This 
issue is definitely a Kubuntu shutdown issue and not a Win 7 initialise 
As I have said in another thread, I have to boot to Mandriva's kdm login 
screen and warm boot from there to get sound under Win 7 because 
Mandriva shuts down properly.
Also I am regularly in the situation of having to warm boot from Kubuntu 
to Kubuntu to recover from crashes of the flaky compiz version being 
used in Kubuntu, and having firefox tell me it can't start because the 
version that was active when I warm booted Kubuntu is still in memory 
and not responding and needs to be removed first.


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