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Thu Mar 11 19:47:51 GMT 2010

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 12:08 PM, lanzen <lanzenesi at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 March 2010 10:14:56 Georgi Kourtev wrote:
>> I have very strange performance on my lap-top after upgrade to 4.4.1. When
>> I start Kontakt (may be due to akonadi running), the system gets
>> overloaded with two CPUs (Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 /2 GB) running between 75
>> and 98% (!), and physical RAM with more than 700 MiB. The system works but
>> VERY-VERY slow for about 30 mins, and then all calms down.
> I am seeing a similar behaviour on a very different machine, an eeepc 1000he.
> Since upgrading to 4.4, Kontact has become painfully slow in loading and often
> unresponsive. I get annoying Kontact freezes - everything else works fine - if
> kmail is fetching mails or doing some filtering in the back ground.
>> BTW Nepomuk strigi servise was suspended as I initially thought this might
>> be the issue.
> Yes, I did that too. Now I have tried re-enabling it, but nothing has changed
> so far.
>> Further to that is that I can monitor this load only through a system
>> monitor widget. If I open System Activity windows, I have plenty of
>> processes running with the most "heavy" of only 2% of CPU usage!  All this
>> on a DELL inspiron 1525 with kubuntu 9.10.
> This sounds familiar, too. If I check in SysMon or top, CPU usage does not go
> over 80% or something like that.
>> Any ideas how I can solve this? The system became slow and sometimes
>> overheated. Thanks.
>> gk
> No ideas and searching around did not help so far.
> The other post "MySQL log with errors" sounds familiar, too, but I don't seem
> to have calendar problems end the errors I get seem to have no influence.
> So far I have no clues... I'd gladly appreciate any suggestions.  :)
> --
> lanzen

set up ksystemguard, but it seems to be called "system monitor" now,
who knows...
set up the graphs to watch the drive access, cpu usage, memory usage,
swap and network usage and any thing else you can think off. Also look
at the other tab and try and see what is dropping after that 30
minutes of time.
Seems with this new guard you just have to add tabs to get new graph
monitors in it.
Good luck.

Douglas E Knapp

Open Source Sci-Fi mmoRPG Game project.

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