(K)ubuntu @ Asus Eee PC 1001HA - request for advise.

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 16:15:55 UTC 2010

Dear Tom and everybody

> Did you:  man hciconfig  or  hciconfig -h to get the command parameters?

By doing so, I get a a whole bunch of 'command parameters'. See the
list below. I would like to check at this forum which of them I need
to use to make the Bluetooth dongle recognisable and usable @ Kubuntu

Thanks, respectfully yours,


        hciconfig [-a] hciX [command]
        up                      Open and initialize HCI device
        down                    Close HCI device
        reset                   Reset HCI device
        rstat                   Reset statistic counters
        auth                    Enable Authentication
        noauth                  Disable Authentication
        encrypt                 Enable Encryption
        noencrypt               Disable Encryption
        piscan                  Enable Page and Inquiry scan
        noscan                  Disable scan
        iscan                   Enable Inquiry scan
        pscan                   Enable Page scan
        ptype      [type]       Get/Set default packet type
        lm         [mode]       Get/Set default link mode
        lp         [policy]     Get/Set default link policy
        name       [name]       Get/Set local name
        class      [class]      Get/Set class of device
        voice      [voice]      Get/Set voice setting
        iac        [iac]        Get/Set inquiry access code
        inqtpl     [level]      Get/Set inquiry transmit power level
        inqmode    [mode]       Get/Set inquiry mode
        inqdata    [data]       Get/Set inquiry data
        inqtype    [type]       Get/Set inquiry scan type
        inqparms   [win:int]    Get/Set inquiry scan window and interval
        pageparms  [win:int]    Get/Set page scan window and interval
        pageto     [to]         Get/Set page timeout
        afhmode    [mode]       Get/Set AFH mode
        sspmode    [mode]       Get/Set Simple Pairing Mode
        aclmtu     <mtu:pkt>    Set ACL MTU and number of packets
        scomtu     <mtu:pkt>    Set SCO MTU and number of packets
        putkey     <bdaddr>     Store link key on the device
        delkey     <bdaddr>     Delete link key from the device
        oobdata                 Display local OOB data
        commands                Display supported commands
        features                Display device features
        version                 Display version information
        revision                Display revision information

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