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Sat Mar 6 17:25:24 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 02 March 2010 10:25:07 pm Varun Jindal wrote:
> Dear Lisi,
> I apologize if I had shouted at anyone. However, I was not.
> Anyhow, let's move forward. You said that books on Linux are abundant in
> UK, its good. However, In my part of the world, people does know nothing
> except Windows!! (I mean, they know Linux, but not anymore). So, I am
> relying on ebooks.
> & thanks for Mr. Reinhold for his kind advices. I would try to get a Linux
> compatible JDK/JRE from If that would be done at my friend's home
> is an open option. Thanks for the advice, again.
> bye Bye :)).

Install this for general linux information.  It's a good source of 
information.  Bookmark the file /usr/share/doc/rutebook/html/index.html to read 

You also might want to find 'Ubuntu Pocketbook' online.  That has a lot of good 
(K)Ubuntu specific goodies inside.


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