root partition growing *solved*

Max Freitag maxfreitag at
Fri Mar 5 14:47:08 UTC 2010


I use a partition for backup and this partition is mounted at /mnt/backup. 
Once upon a time the backup run before the partition was mounted and the data 
were in the root written. When i looked were my space on root was gone, the 
folder /mnt/backup was invisibel because of the mounted backup-partition.

Is there a tool to find these invisible folders ore these lost space?


Am Mittwoch, 3. März 2010 13:06:11 schrieb Max Freitag:
> Hello,
> i have kubuntu 9.10. My first harddrive (1TB) has a boot-partition and a
>  second partition with dm-crypt and a lvm in it. the lvm has a root, tmp,
>  home, .. partition.
> I get with du and df a difference. I hade the same Problem a view weeks
>  before. On the root was not enougth space left and i can't login on kde. I
>  didn't find the loss space and reinstalled the system. Has anyone an idea
>  where the space on my disk is gone or where i can look for it?
> (kdirstat shows 5GByte used and dolphin shows 69 GByte free of 137 GByte,
>  50%)

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