root partition growing

Alvin info at
Thu Mar 4 08:49:47 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 03 March 2010 13:06:11 Max Freitag wrote:
> Hello,
> i have kubuntu 9.10. My first harddrive (1TB) has a boot-partition and a
> second partition with dm-crypt and a lvm in it. the lvm has a root, tmp,
> home, .. partition.
> I get with du and df a difference. I hade the same Problem a view weeks
> before. On the root was not enougth space left and i can't login on kde. I
> didn't find the loss space and reinstalled the system. Has anyone an idea
> where the space on my disk is gone or where i can look for it?
> (kdirstat shows 5GByte used and dolphin shows 69 GByte free of 137 GByte,
> 50%)

I don't understand your question completely. One program shows you used space, 
and another free space. Now we have to start calculating? Try to give the same 

You became the victim of this bug: (2005)
(Many programs misbehave when running out of disk space / can't login to fix)

lvm could have rescued you in that situation. Always keep some free space on 
your volume group to add to volumes in need (or for snapshots).

Believe the output of df. You have 75GB free. That's plenty for a root 
partition. (What are you storing there? 66G in use?)

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