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Varun Jindal seeu.varun at
Wed Mar 3 03:56:06 UTC 2010

I love you Mr. Dacey. Okay, all of you have helped me to a great effect.
However, one of the situation was left unnoticed follows:

I also want to report an awkward situation: system freeze. This has happened
twice while changing theme from Oxygen to Air and Air → Oxygen (@ this
point, freeze occurred). Both times, I had to press the reboot button
(located on Tower) so that shutdown/restart option comes & I select cancel
to break the freeze!! Even the Ctrl+Alt+Esc route doesn't work.

(though, during freeze, I can work on the current document). However,
everything on desktop (Task bar, applets, etc.) freezes/disappears.  Alt+F2
won't work.
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