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Reinhold Rumberger rrumberger at
Tue Mar 2 10:25:28 GMT 2010

Could you plesae learn to quote properly?

On Tuesday 02 March 2010, Varun Jindal wrote:
> > Thank you Jonas for the guidance. I think I have i386
> > architecture PC (Intel 945G chipset on a Compaq). Kubuntu
> > Version is 9.10.
> > 
> > >> For C++, I originally referred to an IDE. (Like, for Windows
> > >> we have
> Turbo C++ IDE where we can create, compile & run the code). Is
> there any such IDE available for Linux too? Otherwise, if gcc is
> already there (that should mean all the libraries are also
> there), how can I run C/C++ code in Konsole?

You can't run C++ code - you need to compile it first. After that, 
you run it like any other program.

>  >> My Windows NTFS Drives are temporarily mounted when I click on
>  >> them in
> Dolphin. I have to mount them again after rebooting or even after
> Hibernating! Isn't there any permanent solution?

I think the automount option is once again available in KDE SC 4.4. 
Other than that, you may want to look into using /etc/fstab.

> >>Finally, I won't be able to download Kubuntu DVD image for the
> >>lack of
> internet connection at home.

So why don't you just download it from your office?

> And KPackageKit needs Internet for
> downloads. INSTEAD, I heard that Synaptic is the best Package
> manager around. Could someone get me DIRECT DOWNLOAD link for
> SYNAPTIC (deb file) Please? (I couldn't find a .deb file for
> download!!)

While I agree that synaptic is a better package manager, they are all 
just front-ends to apt-get, etc. This problem isn't going to go away 
by using another front-end.

I personally use apt-mirror to mirror parts of the repo onto a local 
hard drive, but that isn't going to work in Windows (which I assume 
you use at your office).


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