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Errol Sapir errol at
Mon Mar 1 15:17:57 GMT 2010

Thank you. That was the solution. I would never have found it without 
your direction. Now that I have solved the problem could you (or 
anybody) explain the "slow keys" thing. What is it meant for, what does 
it do, how does one activate it? (as I somehow did)

O. Sinclair wrote:
> Errol Sapir wrote:
>> The strangest thing happened to me. I was typing an e-mail and all of a sudden 
>> there is no reaction from the keyboard. Nothing works. Not typing, no 
>> controls, nada. I know the problem isn't with the keyboard itself as I can 
>> type and operate the keyboard before entering Kubuntu. I can type my password, 
>> enter bios etc. Once the computer gets to my desktop after typing my password, 
>> all keyboard action stops. I can do anything with the mouse, open programs 
>> etc. but nothing with the keyboard. 
>> Had my computer been a laptop, I know there are function keys to do all sorts 
>> of things. On a non laptop, I don't know of anything that stops a keyboard 
>> functioning in Kubuntu. Just to double check myself I even replaced the 
>> keyboard with my wife's keyboard but there was no improvement.
>> Any suggestions where some command could change the situation back to normal?
>> TIA
>> Errol
> Use the mouse after login to get to System Settings. Then find 
> Accessibility. Under the tab Keyboard filters check if  "Use slow keys" 
> are ticked. If so untick it and all should work once you press Apply button.
> Sinclair

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