Remote control of desktop

Lance DeVooght cyborghunter at
Sun Jun 27 05:49:29 BST 2010

Adil ALPMAN wrote:

> I understand ur problem very clear Dear Lance. My suggestion is TeamViewer
> for you...
> You dont need any port forwarding, any nat and any extra modem or router
> settings with this program...
> Even ur moms laptop hasnt got wine, this program has got iy internally for
> itself... (because of, it is a windows program normally but u can find it
> its linux version which using with integrated wine)
> Please download program then try to use it (it doesnt need any
> installation just download [i think its offical .deb version can work in
> kubuntu, if not u can use its .tar.gz package] and use...
> Please dont hesitate to ask if u will have any problem with it...
> Have a nice work...

Thanks Adil, that looks like it may do what I need.
I will continue to seek native Linux solutions, but it
is good to see that if there are none then this might do it.

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