Remote control of desktop

Adil ALPMAN adil at
Sun Jun 27 04:21:39 BST 2010

I understand ur problem very clear Dear Lance. My suggestion is TeamViewer 
for you...

You dont need any port forwarding, any nat and any extra modem or router 
settings with this program...

Even ur moms laptop hasnt got wine, this program has got iy internally for 
itself... (because of, it is a windows program normally but u can find it 
its linux version which using with integrated wine)

Please download program then try to use it (it doesnt need any installation 
just download [i think its offical .deb version can work in kubuntu, if not 
u can use its .tar.gz package] and use...

Please dont hesitate to ask if u will have any problem with it...

Have a nice work...


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> Bruce Marshall wrote:
>> On Saturday, June 26, 2010, Lance DeVooght wrote:
>>> But, I was hoping that when she visits a McDonnalds or a friend's house
>>> where she can get on their wifi (yes she does get into the big city
>>> occasionally), then I could connect to her laptop.
>> But normally she uses dial-up??
>> Set up a dyndns  address for her....   and connect that way.   Might be
>> slow but better than nothing.
> No, I guess I should have made that clear.
> She has NO Internet access from home.
> Besides, I don't even want to contemplate how painful remote access
> to a live desktop would be over a slow dial-up connection.
> My sister lived with her for awhile and tried to use a dial-up account.
> It was slowwwww, unreliable, and ridiculously expensive. Oh, and did I
> mention that it was sloooowwwww? She is a long way from the phone 
> company's
> point of presence, so even the, mythological, 56K was not achievable.
> I read recently that there are places in rural India with better Internet
> access than is available in parts of Michigan--here in the middle of the
> good ole' U S of A. Go figure.
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