4. Howto Lower brightness on Apple LCD Monitor?

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>> I've just installed an Apple Cinema Display (LCD) monitor. This is a 5 year old monitor.
>> Using KUbuntu 10.4
>> The apple website indicates this monitor has:
>> User controls (hardware and software):
>>       Display power, system sleep, system wake, brightness and display tilt
>> Brightness is what I want to turn down.
>> Looking in the
>> KDE System Settings>  General>  Computer Administration>  Display>  Size&  orientation>  DVI-0
>> there is no adjustment for brightness.
>> Anyone know how to decrease brightness on this?
>> Thanks:)
> I can't believe Apple monitors are all that much different to
> any standard LCD monitors, I've an Acer, an LG and a Sony and in
> all of them brightness, contrast, etc. are all adjusted within the
> monitor - nothing to do with any OS. Are you sure you can't set the
> brightness in the monitor - seems very strange if you can't.
> brian

According to Apple's support site, some Apple Cinema Display models
have external controls, others do not. Apparently this user's display
does not. (In that case, brightness would be set through System
Preferences, using Mac OSX... but of course this user doesn't have
that option.)
Maybe the user could swap his display for a PC-style display over
Craigslist? Mac Mini's can use any old monitor, so maybe...

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