ubuntu 10.04 and nvidia-current 195.36.24 start in low resolution mode

Alan Dacey Sr. grokit at ajinfosearch.com
Sat Jun 19 18:12:43 BST 2010

On Friday, June 18, 2010 12:16:08 pm user1 wrote:
> I am using hp pavilion dv9000 and nvidia G8400M graphics card and ubuntu 
> 10.04 lucid.
> To day when I booted the computer started in low resolution mode.
> This has happened for me a couple months ago and I HAD to remove the 
> nvidia hardware driver and activate it again, and then everything works 
> well again.

You can try two things.  

The first is to run nvidia-xserver (or something like that) from the konsole.  
When you are in a low graphics mode, open up 'NVIDIA X Server Settings' 
under System in your menu and it will tell the exact command.   That usually 
fixes things for me.  

The second could be that your video card doesn't work too well with the 196 
versions.  You can try to purge the current drivers and install a legacy version.

    sudo apt-get purge nvidia-glx-185
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173

There is also a 96 version available if the 173 fails.

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