audio access

xPol xtekhne at
Wed Jun 16 13:13:23 BST 2010

Reinhold Rumberger wrote:

> As with most things Linux, a re-login should do.
> Is dbus-launch strictly necessary for konqueror?

I do not know. I need it to launch lyx and okular, by users who do not own 
the graphic session. 
When is dbus-launch really needed? 

> I uninstalled everything to do with pulse audio not needed by KDE and
> selected xine as the backend in the KDE multimedia settings. I'm
> pretty sure no sound daemons are running and blocking the sound
> devices, but then, what do I know... :-P

i have unistalled the pulse audio system, but i have given no specifications  
on the backend
Added the audio group to all users and rebooted 
It works,

thank you

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