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On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 10:28 PM, Brian Wootton
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> On 10/06/10 19:28, kubuntu-users-request at wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 6:31 PM, Reinhold Rumberger<rrumberger at>  wrote:
>>> >  Why is there a semicolon after the "Re" in your subject line?
>>> >
>>> >  On Thursday 10 June 2010, Knapp wrote:
>>>> >>  If you move to a new place, then you
>>>> >>  can't play the DVDs in that place without changing your player's
>>>> >>  setting. You can only do this 5 times. What happen if you buy
>>>> >>  disks in both places? Yep, you loose one or the other.
>>> >
>>> >  Not true, you just need two players...:-P
>>> >
>>> >  Also, if you're lucky enough to get one of the older model, they
>>> >  aren't pre-set to a location and don't need to be set to allow
>>> >  playing...
>>> >  I can keep playing DVDs from any part of the world without problems,
>>> >  at least as long as this drive lasts...
>>> >
>>> >  ?--Reinhold
>> 2 players meaning you have to pay for your css rights two times,
>> duplicate your hardware that costs a large sum and that is just if you
>> move one time. I am now at my 15th city. Thank god only in 2 countries
>> so far.;-)  But what if I had been my dad? I would need like 10 DVD
>> players. LOL
> The money-grubbers will clobber us one way or another, I see from
> various blogs that many studios are only going to produce bluray discs
> in the future, so us poor linux users will get even more 'illegal' unless
> we buy bluray players.
> brian

At some point me need to go blue ray. I have 2 TB of HD. I can't back
that up anymore with DVD. If I had 2 sided blue ray disks it would be
perfect. My current way to backup is to just buy more HDs. Watching
blue ray on my computer is great but all I have so far are promos that
I got off the web.

I am shocked that that old computer can run KDE. Mine can't. I run
Lubuntu on my small slow machines and it rocks!

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