Desk top replacement

Neil Winchurst barnaby at
Thu Jun 3 22:01:09 BST 2010

FarSight Data Systems wrote:
> Neil,
> I've been using an Acer laptop (I also have an Acer netbook and desktop, but 
> I'm a computer consultant).  I've never  had to call Acer tech support in the 
> 3.5 years I've had the laptop and the others.
> Further, Linux has installed terrifically on all of them!  I prefer either 
> Kubuntu or Linux Mint with a KDE desktop, but Gnome is OK.
I have a small screen laptop which is running Mint v7 Xfce at the moment
and I am very pleased with it. I think it would suit my brother very
well (Mint Xfce I mean).

> I kept the Windows on all the systems (laptop has Media Center/XP, desktop has 
> Vista - with the free upgrade to 7 which I haven't installed yet, the netbook 
> has a cut down version of Vista) and just resized the partitions to allow 
> installation of Linux.
I know that normally any laptop will come with some version of Windows.
Since I haven't used Windows for years, since Windows 98 in fact, I
would probably remove it.

> I prefer 64 bit dual or multi core AMD CPU (the netbook has Intel Atom, dual 
> core 32 bit, but the netbooks don't give much choice in CPU).
I have heard good things about Acer and also about Asus. What is the
advantage of 64 bit? When I last looked at it, Linux was still not very
good with 64 bit programs.

> That's my experience and my suggestion.
> Mark
Thanks for your help


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