Virtualbox after 10.04 upgrade

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Thu Jun 3 16:02:19 BST 2010

Clay Weber said the following at 05/22/2010 06:29 PM :

> Agreed,  especially as the 3.2 available from VB themselves seems 
> to be  bit better stability-wise (for me at least). Also note that 

Where does one find an installable package for virtualbox-ose that can
replace the official lucid package(s)?

I went to the download section of, and all I could see are a
list of sources (the binaries are all for non-OSE versions). I don't mind
experimenting with a non-Canonical package if it might result in a working
virtualbox under lucid, but many years' experience tells me that building
from sources is almost certainly going to be a recipe for wasting a lot of
time fighting dependency problems with the tools.



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