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Wed Jun 2 22:17:54 BST 2010

> This would solve about 90% of the problems the friends I told about
> have. That's why, I have been trying to figure out how I could
> configure OpenOffice in such a way, that it automatically saves in the
> MS Office formats - notably .doc (Writer), .xls (Calc) and .ppd
> (Presentation). I have looked via EXTRA > options. However, I did not
> yet manage to find the exactly right approach. So, please, could you
> tell a bit more concretely how you did manage to change the OpenOffice
> settings with a view to automatically saving in the MS Office formats.

Go to Tools > Options and then click expand the Load/Save section. Here
you will see the General section. In that section look at the Document
Type/Always Save As drop-downs. You simply select the document type (Text
document, HTML document, Spreadsheet, Presentation...) and match it with
the default save as type you want (You will probably want Microsoft
Word/Excel/Powerpoint option.

Once you have configured those, click OK and you're done.

Hope that helps.


> Respectfully Yours,
> Bas.
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