How best to activate a mobile internet modem/ SIM card @ Kubuntu Karmic?

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Tue Jun 1 05:56:45 BST 2010

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Sinclair and Everybody
> Today, I am continuing my attempts to get my mobile internet working.
> Earlier I wrote:
>>> I really would prefer some solution allowing me to use WICD for LAN
>>> and WLAN in combination with some other packages for the mobile USB
>>> broadband device "HUAWEI E1820".
> I have tried to follow the following instruction:
>> Here is my experience:
>> For starters you should install Lucid as it has more drivers than
>> Karmic. Second, remove the PIN using a phone.
> In the mean time, I have installed Lucid and removed the PIN via a mobile phone.
Good - for starters according to ubuntuforums and other threads this
modem should work so we should get it right sooner or later

>> Following that install the package usb-modeswitch that kills off its
>> tendency to appear as a CD-drive instead of modem.
> I have installed the package "usb-modeswitch". However, the modem
> still appears as a CD-drive instead of a modem. So far, I did not find
> any way to get this package working. Any clue?
It does not really do anything you "see" but the modem SHOULD now no
longer appear as a CD-drive, at least not a mounted one. If so - eject
or unmount it

>> Lastly either set up kppp.
>> Kppp must be run as "kdesudo kppp" or you get headaches, I made a
>> shortcut myself.
> In another mail, you have tried to explain how to make this
> "shortcut", however, I did not exactly understand it.
If you have a Folder View on the Plasma Desktop, create a shortcut to
application in it. Set the command in said shortcut to be "kdesudo kppp".
Otherwise you can run the command from kicker using alt+F2

>> Set up an account that dials *99***1# or *99#1, call it whatever you want.
I mean "name it what you want", the account that is

> Neither "*99***1#", nor "*99#1", call it whatever you want.
sorry it should very likely be *99# - but this is something your
provider should know

>> Set up a "3G" modem and change it to use /dev/ttyUSB(0-2), you have to
>> experiment which port works. On one modem I have USB0, on another UBS2
>> as port instead of /dev/modem
> So far, I have tried 4 ports:
> /dev/ttyUSB0
> /dev/ttyUSB1
> /dev/ttyUSB2
> /dev/ttyUSB3
> Neither of them seemed to work so far.
After you inserted the modem and (if necessary) unmounted/ejected it run
command "dmesg". Somewhere you should see lines about "gsm modem...
/dev/ttyUSBx". Post output here if you can

>> Go into modem commands (this is Kppp I am talking about) and change only
>> Initialization string 2 to be:
>> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
> Do you mean something like the string below?
> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
> ("TMobile" is the name of my mobile internet provider.)
Yes, it can be or or something like that. Again,
your provider should be able to tell you.

>> when you dial set user to be " ", an empty space, or you get an error.
> Is there anything else I could take into account in order to get my
> mobile internet working via KPPP at Kubuntu 9.10 via the dongle "HUAEI
> E1820"
There are a number of ways but let's wait until we are done with
combination Wicd/Kppp

Best regards,

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