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Lance DeVooght cyborghunter at
Sat Jul 10 16:05:56 BST 2010

Lance DeVooght wrote:


Today it all seems to work.
I don't know why it didn't work before.
I did restart the ssh server (two days ago) after making changes.
Oh well; all's well, that ends well.

Oh, and I even managed to find some references for ssh/config that helped.
So, I also added the keyword "User" to the config file.

I have not written a script for mom's laptop yet,
I suppose that I can tackle that now.

I haven't fully tested this by taking mom's laptop off-site
(e.g. to a Starbucks) yet, but it appears that this will indeed work.

Thanks again,

> Michael,
> I've successfully gotten through step 3... sort of.
> I can ssh into from mom's laptop. However, when I ssh
> from mom's laptop to I have to login as a user
> on the desktop ssh-server. Even though I created the key pair on mom's
> and copied the public key file to the desktop ssh-server per the ssh
> howtos.
> Furthermore, when I try "ssh lance" from mom's after creating her
> ~/.ssh/config and adding the lines as in step 3, I am prompted to
> give a password for "mom at". Yep, that's right, "mom."
> Any idea where I am going wrong?
> BTW, the ssh man pages are NO way to learn ssh. They (like most man pages)
> are only god as a reference for those that already know the program.
> The howtos, I have found, are only a little better. If you know of one
> that is clear and easy for a ssh newbie to follow please tell me about it.
> Regards,
> Lance
> Michael Hirsch wrote:
>> Try this.  You'll need to have both your home system and your mom's
>> system available.
>> 1. Generate an ssh key for your mother.
>> 2. Configure your home system and router so that she can "ssh
>>" (or whatever your home IP address is) and login to
>> your machine.
>> 3. On the laptop, setup her .ssh/config file so that she can login
>> with just "ssh lance".  So you'll need a simple entry in the config
>> file that looks like
>> Host lance
>>      Hostname
>> 4. Test that it works.
>> 5. Add this line to the configuration your built in the previous step.
>>     RemoteForward 5900 localhost:5900
>> 6. "ssh lance" from the laptop and stay logged in.
>> 7. Run a vnc server on the laptop on port 5900 (i.e. vnc port :0)
>> 8. Test that it woks.
>> 7. Try to vnc to localhost:0 from the desktop.
>> If all that works for you, then you just have to put steps 6 and 7
>> into a script on the laptop and you are done.
>> Michael

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