downloading wicd for Kubuntu 8.04

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Jul 2 06:13:51 BST 2010

ray burke wrote:
> as I have been advised by searching for connection of my
> wireless broadband usb stick (Dodo) to operate properly and bee
> recognised as a modem that I have to install WICD but within the web
> page of "" it does not
> mention install for Kubuntu?

Well, the description is for Ubuntu but Kubuntu shares the same 
repository and wicd works more or less the same for both Ubuntu and 
Kubuntu. I just can't tell you a GUI way to add the repo because I don't 
have a 8.04 machine left. You can add the line

deb hardy extras

to your sources.list file. You need root privilege to edit that file and 
you could do it with the command

kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list

from a terminal or from Alt-F2. Then add the key as described on the 
page you mentioned. After that you can install wicd from your favourite 
package manager.


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