Download Speed with Kubuntu Karmic 64bit

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Jan 29 17:06:54 GMT 2010

On Thursday 28 January 2010 10:59:57 pm Robert Collard wrote:
> In Terminal type "rsync"  (without quotes)  Look at the list of options and
>  set up a command to look at the transfers you are wanting to test the
>  speed of.  The options are many and I don't know your HD's descriptive
>  terms like dev-1 or dev-0
Dear Mr. Collard,

This is above my experience level, however, it is a fascinating entry.  If I 
wanted to move a movie file from where it is to my backup partition, would this 
be an appropriate command, using the rsync command you provided and the 
followiing wording:

steven at Yeshua:~# rsync --address=/svpersonal/steven/Movies/Artistic 
Movies/Gran Torino /backup --bwlimit=MBPS -h --human-readable

"/svpersonal" is the mount point, the balance of which is the location of a 
movie file I would like to backup.  Previously I had a progress bar that 
provided what I want in MBPS, so I used MBPS instead of KBPS line in the rsync 
command instruction.  /backup is the mount point of my backup folder and is on 
a separate HDD.  I included the human readable instruction because I would 
like to be able to read and understand what results.

I am confident my inexperience is showing, however if I got lucky, do you think 
it might indicate the megabyte per second rate of transfer?

I used root, because it takes root privilege to enter /backup.  I choose not 
to experiment by trying it without help; it looks like I could perhaps give my 
computer a migraine or an ulcer, especially in root.



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