Download Speed with Kubuntu Karmic 64bit

nepal nepal.roade at
Fri Jan 29 03:16:41 GMT 2010

On Friday 29 Jan 2010 01:38:55 Steven Vollom wrote:
> I just noticed in your reply mentioning you hadn't downloaded
>  anything lately.  I may have misrepresented my desire.  If I used
>  the term downloading, I made a mistake.  I am talking about
>  internal transfers of information.  HDD to HDD or from partition
>  to partition. My download speeds max out at about 320kbps.  That
>  is very slow when referring what I am talking about.  If I misused
>  the language, I am sorry.
> Steven
Ah! Now I am with you. You mean the Notifications and Jobs icon (and I 
did think of this in the first place, but your descriptions persuaded 
me away from it! LOL.

AFAIU there is no selectable icon for that service and IINM it appears 
in the .....

and I've just discovered what you are after. Right click the system 
tray will give you various options.


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