smtp password for kmail does not remain.

Clay Weber claydoh at
Thu Jan 28 15:14:54 GMT 2010

Steven Vollom wrote:
> This is the second time this has happened recently; I reinstalled Karmic to repair it last time, because the resolution was not found.
> Kubuntu Karmic 9.10, KDE 4.3.4, quad core AMD 64bit, Kmail 1.12.4.
> confirms that all is well at their end.
> I find an anomaly when verifying the configuration for kmail.  Every entry appears exactly right except the password entry in smtp.  When I type it in, and afterward click on apply, then verify that the password has been saved, I find the area where the password is entered blank.  Always before the blank area would retain 8 black dots that show when entering the password.  When the space is blank, no emails can be sent, and the password can not be entered and applied to resolve this.
> I want to avoid having to re-install the OS again; that was the only solution I was able to find to fix the problem last time.  I was unable to respond to help from Lindsay last time, but Lindsay was attempting help.  Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.
> Steven
Why are you completely reinstalling the OS for this problem?
You are simply wasting time doing that. You should initially be 
renaming/moving your kmail configuration files and mail folders first, 
then try recreating your account settings from scratch.

Can you access your mail via a web interface? If so you can at least 
have access to that email while trying to figure things out.

If I have time later I will see if there is a visual guide somewhere to 
help you out


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