Download Speed with Kubuntu Karmic 64bit

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Jan 28 07:44:38 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 27 January 2010 10:23:29 pm nepal wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 Jan 2010 21:01:39 Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Previously the progress bar for downloads
> in what?
> what application or widget is this?
> > included the speed in
> >  kpbs.   Suddenly it disappeared; the icon on the pannel changed
> >  from one with an "i" in it to a rotating red bar image.  Is there
> >  a way to configure the new progress bar to include the kpbs
> >  download rate?  Thanks!
> >
> > Steven
> nepal.
Hi Nepal,

Thank you for responding.  I thought all of the features of the panel were 
plasmoids, however, I can't seem to identify the one that reveals the progress 
of a download.  When I download anything, an icon on the panel, which looks 
like bars revolving in the pattern of a clock, and clockwise in their motion, 
appears.  At the same time, a progress bar in a drop-down box shows the 
progress of the download.  

Earlier in Kubuntu Karmic the clockwise icon used to be a circle with an "i" 
in the center.  It also had a drop-down box from the panel that showed a 
progress bar.  Additionally, it showed the speed in kbps in print under the 
progress bar.  It is not critical and the change must have been made in an 
update of the OS, but I liked that feature very much.  I was hoping that I 
could locate a configuration for that feature and add the kpbs speed of 
download back in again.  Thanks!


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