Failed installation of Wine and e-Sword.

Bruce MacArthur bmacasuru at
Mon Jan 25 21:53:17 GMT 2010

On Monday 25 January 2010 03:18:15 pm Pastor JW wrote:
> On Monday 25 January 2010 8:06:16 am Clay Weber wrote:
> > Have you tried out bibletime or xiphos ? Wine can often be a major 
pain in the butt., as you are seeing right now.
> I think the same way.  I tried to use wine and e-sword early on 
(ibex?) and had nothing but trouble with it.  I decided to give 
BibleTime a chance and WOW, it ran circles around e-sword and just 
worked!!  Uses all the sword project Bibles only faster and better for a 
minister building weekly sermons!  Never looked back and was able to 
drop all windoze stuff off of my computer!  You can't get me back to that 
"business" OS without a lot of kickin' and screamin' and even so, if you 
do, ...YOU are going to hurt alot!!   I still running Hardy Kubuntu with 
BibleTime 2.5 but plan to upgrade to 10.04 (the next LTS release) about 
a week or so after it comes live.  It REALLY feels so much better to be 
windoze free!
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Well over a decade ago (in my "Wyn-Doze incarnation"!!!), I got a LOT of 
books "unlocked" with Logos Research Systems and their outstanding Bible 
study package.  When I went to Linux (originally in OpenSuSE), I 
seriously regretted -- but accepted -- the loss.  Since then, I have 
upgraded to Kubuntu Jaunty, installed VirtualBox-OSE, and installed a 
legitimate WinXP virtual machine -- for almost no purpose other than 
running the updated Logos "Libronix".  I am upgrading to their new 
"Logos 4", but NOT using the new packages. (They are too expensive for 
me.) Instead, I will simply update the application software and the file 
formats of my existing (roughly 400) books.  Again, however, this is 
virtually ALL that I do with WinXXX.

I recently purchased a "netbook" instead of going the Kindle route.  
Kindle cannot "do" Logos / Libronix AND has severely limited capacities.  
The same is true for the Sony readers.  I get much better features and 
capacities -- at a similar price -- with the netbook.  It came with XP 
Home loaded -- and with NO installation media!  I decided to tolerate 

In addition to Logos / Libronix, I have some highly specialized software 
that I use in my study of anti-cultic apologetics.  Most of this is in a 
proprietary database which I have not been able to "recognize" in Linux, 
so I have installed that both on the VB "machine" and on the netbook.  
Some related material is in .pdf files, but (since they get used together 
with the database product) I have put them in the same places.

This arrangement works for me -- and the netbook lets me "flip pages" (at 
church) a LOT faster than paper books do!  In addition, I get to look at 
English, Spanish, and even Chinese text -- scrolling together, no less! 
-- all at the same time.  The screen is too small to also bring up Greek 
and Hebrew (let alone Dutch, Latin, etc.!), but I do not yet read any of 
these languages -- so "No PROBlem!

I don't know that i would recommend quite this way of doing things for 
anyone else, but Logos on netbook is a near-perfect "solution" for my 
own purposes.  Now if ONLY they would make Logos-On-Linux!!!!!

Bruce   Mac Arthur
     bmacasuru at

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