910 KU live boot CD Graphics fail 6yo Compaq laptop. (jor)

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Mon Jan 25 05:11:24 GMT 2010

Thanks Clay :)  - still some problems, see below:

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 10:22:18 -0500, "Clay Weber" <claydoh at midmaine.com> said:
> On Tuesday 19 January 2010 06:01:20 am giovanni_re wrote:
> > I'm working to see if I can get KU 910 onto a laptop that runs KU 904 ok
> >  (from the alternate, text based installer CD) (there are some minor
> >  existing issues like Kate & some other program occasionally get rectangles
> >  of garbage (typically dots on a black background)), but that doesn't
> >  affect the 910 install issue).
> > 
> > =====  PROBLEMS:
> > KU 910 live boots to the GUI desktop display OK except:
> > 1) the bottom task bar is all black
> > 2) Mouse over where the K-start button is (LHS) & the popup window is
> >  garbage (ie, some incorrect graphic, perhaps a hash pattern, perhaps
> >  random, i don't recall exactly)). 3) left click on where the k-start
> >  button should be & the menu popup is garage 4) _right_ click on the k-s
> >  button, the popup is correct & readable. Select "classic menu style" & the
> >  menu properly changes to classic, & that menu displays ok. Further, now
> >  the bottom of screen task bar changes from black to gray garbage (hash
> >  pattern?).
> > 
> > So, maybe this is an X driver issue.
> > 
> I have a 6 year old Compaq Evo N610C, and found the issue with your
> graphics 
> is a known bug in Karmic
> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-
> ati/+bug/426582
> This issue has been fixed in Lucid
> To temporarily get your plasma bits working on a live-cd session, you might 
> try enabling desktop effects either via alt-shift-f12, or somehow open a window 
> with a titlebar , right-click on it , go to 'configure window behavior" and 
> enable desktop effects from there

Clay - you've got exactly the same computer: Compag Evo N610c.  IIRC this has 1GB RAM.

1) Boot up, get the desktop background & blacked out bottom bar, right click where KStart button is, select "classic menu style", (now get grey garbage instead of black bottom bar), left click where KStart button should be, classic menu displays, select "settings > system settings", it comes up with garbage top bar, right click that, select "config window behavior", enable check box for "desktop effects", select OK, BUG: Get all black display with white pointer arrow & touchpad no longer works - can't move pointer or do anything - completely locked up, have to power off power on.

2) alt-shift-f12 does nothing.  The only key combo with f12 that does anything is ctrl-alt-f12, which gives me a completely garbage screen, same as dong ctrl-alt-f1.  Then ctl-alt-f7 brings me back to the KDE-graphics-desktop display.

Clay or anyone - further suggestions??

Thanks :)

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