ISO size breakdown? ISO diff?

giovanni_re john_re at
Thu Jan 21 07:59:45 GMT 2010

Great work, Amedee :)  

1) I wish you'd use an English program ;)  - Is that apt & mount & etc all with re-written language parts??? How cool - how much of those commands have had their language translated??? 

2)  Yes, a list of the largest files would be a start toward what i was asking about, so good to do if someone can figure out how.  A further step would be if someone could figure out a way to group them by the sw package they are associated with - maybe some kind of mapping from the apt system that lists files associated with programs???

3)  I really think creating this size breakdown is likely to be easiest by the people who create the (K)Ubuntu ISOs.  Just ask the compilers to print out a summary of the sum total of the sizes for each application program it compiles, & for the GNOME & KDE systems.

Anyone know who is the KUbuntu person who decides what SW packages go onto the KU ISO???

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 14:52:48 +0100 (CET), "Amedee Van Gasse (ub)" <amedee-ubuntu at> said:
> On Mon, January 18, 2010 09:53, giovanni_re wrote:
> > Is there an breakdown analysis by size of the major categories of the
> > files on the ISOs?
> >
> > Like, every component that is >1% of the size?  Like, Kernel, GUI,
> > Applications, & breakdown for some of the major applications, like OO,
> > FF, whatever?
> >
> > If it doesn't exist, could someone do that analysis quickly? Can it be
> > done easily?  Could you do it? if so, TIA :)
> This is how far I got:
> amedee at intrepid:~/download$ mkdir -p /tmp/karmic
> amedee at intrepid:~/download$ mount -o loop ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso
> /tmp/karmic
> mount: alleen root kan dat doen
> amedee at intrepid:~/download$ sudo mount -o loop
> ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso /tmp/karmic
> [sudo] password for amedee:
> amedee at intrepid:~/download$ sudo aptitude install squashfs-tools
> Pakketlijsten worden ingelezen... Klaar
> Boom van vereisten wordt opgebouwd
> De status informatie wordt gelezen... Klaar
> Uitgebreide statusinformatie aan het lezen
> Initialiseren van pakketstatussen... Klaar
> Lezen van taakbeschrijvingen... Klaar
> De volgende NIEUWE pakketten zullen worden geïnstalleerd:
>   squashfs-tools
> 0 pakketten opgewaardeerd, 1 nieuwe geïnstalleerd, 0 te verwijderen en 3
> niet opwaarderen.
> Heb 96,8kB archieven nodig. Na uitpakken zal 242kB worden gebruikt.
> Schrijven van uitgebreide statusinformatie... Klaar
> Haal:1 lenny/main squashfs-tools 1:3.3-7 [96,8kB]
> 96,8kB opgehaald in 0s (573kB/s)
> Selecteren van voorheen niet geselecteerd pakket squashfs-tools.
> (Database inlezen ... 49577 bestanden en mappen geïnstalleerd.)
> DST= LEN=48 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=116 ID=3853 DF PROTO=TCP
> SPT=3014 DPT=8443 WINDOW=65535 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0
> [11237015.859457] squashfs: version 3.3-CVS (2008/04/04) Phillip Lougher
> [11237260.576381] SQUASHFS error: Major/Minor mismatch, trying to mount
> newer 4.0 filesystem
> [11237260.576391] SQUASHFS error: Please update your kernel
> Like, meh...
> Could anyone please try to mount the squashfs filesystem on the iso with
> the correct version of squashfs? I don't want to frak up my precious
> Debian box.
> Once it's mounted, it is just a simple matter of using du. Probably
> something like
> du /tmp/karmic-squashfs | sort -n | head -n 50
> That would give you a list of the 50 biggest files inside the squashed
> filesystem on the iso. It would probably need a bit of refinement
> somewhere, but that's how I would approach this question.
> -- 
> Amedee Van Gasse

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