OT Multiple recipient email

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Thu Jan 21 15:11:27 GMT 2010

On Thu, January 21, 2010 15:55, David Fletcher wrote:

> It is obviously passing the message to procmail which is obeying the rules
> in /etc/procmailrc, because it ends up in one of the destination mail
> boxes,
> the name of which is not the same as the email address the message was
> sent
> to.
> But it's still only going into the one box. Is it possible to get postfix
> to
> duplicate messages with multiple recipients, and put one address on each?
> Or am I talking rubbish? That would remove the ability to do a
> Reply-to-all.

How about using a copy-rule in your procmailrc?
Start your rule with :0c and it will continue processing after that mail.

For example, I have a rule that sends a copy of any voicemail (from
3starsnet, my VoIP operator) to my wife, and then files it in my voicemail

* ^From:.*@3starsnet\.com
! mywife at herdomain.tld
* ^From:.*3starsnet\.com

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