crossposting/multiposting (Was: ISO size breakdown? ISO diff?)

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Mon Jan 18 18:06:12 GMT 2010

On Monday 18 January 2010 03:47:15 am Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
> On Mon, January 18, 2010 09:53, giovanni_re wrote:
> > [I'll send this seperately to both the Ub & KUb lists, so you might 
> > to look on the other list for answers, too.]
> What you did, is called multiposting.
> What I am doing, is called crossposting. I just subscribed to the
> kubuntu-users list to be able to do that without errors. Because of my
> procmail filters, all ubuntu-users and kubuntu-users mail will end up 
> the same folder:
> :0:
> * ^(List-Id|To|Cc):.*ubuntu-users
> .linux.ubuntu.users/
> Now my question is: what is the recommended method on the Ubuntu 
> lists? Crossposting? Multiposting? Or are both frowned upon?
> I don't want to start a discussion here because I'm sure that
> cross/multiposting will not happen a lot. I'm just asking out of
> curiosity.
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Hello, Medee --

It is my "take" that neither cross-posting nor multi-posting is 
appropriate.  The seeming exception is the case of one who has posted 
inappropriately (such as posting to a PIMS list with a kernel inquiry) 
-- a resply may well direct to inquirer to the appropriate list; posting 
there ("also") is entirely acceptable.  It is considered polite to 
decide to which single list you will post, and to NOT "copy the 

It is obvious that a few people feel no obligation to be polite, and 
they will do as they are going to do, regardless of what others perfer 
or expect -- at least until they are removed from a list or two!

From time to time, it CAN be difficult to determine which is the best 
list.  I suggest that one make a decision -- even a "wrong" decision! -- 
and post to that one list.  If a reply suggests another list, THEN post 
to the second list -- but NOT before being re-directed.

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