(K)ubuntu @ Asus Eee PC 1001HA - request for advise.

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 00:57:31 GMT 2010

>> But NO BIOS so far!!! ????? !!!!
> On mine the key is F2, which needs to be pressed during the first splash
> screen.

Thanks for this suggestion. While you wrote this, I tried each of the
F-buttons immediately after powering on. And you are right: at my
little Asus, it's also the F2 button which gives access to BIOS!.
After modifying a few BOOT settings, I did manage to boot from the USB
stick. I tried a 'live' version of Kubuntu Netbook remix 9.10. And I
immediately liked it. So, I will install this distro later today.

A few practical questions remain in this stage.
What best to do with the USB stick?
One option I think about is simply booting again with it with a view
to starting the installation procedure.
A 2nd option I have in mind is making a 'fresh' copy of the Kubuntu
9.10 netbook remix live image via usb-creator-kde, before again
booting and starting the installation procedure.
Which of either options would you recommend me with respect to the USB-stick?

What about the battery during the installation procedure? Is there any
security measure I need to take? Is there anything I need to think

OK, this is it for now. Thanks again everybody for your useful feedback.

Respectfully yours,


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