Setting resolution on Kubuntu 9.10

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Mon Feb 15 15:48:52 GMT 2010

Removing all the unwanted resolution entries from the xorg.conf solved this

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 4:46 PM, Amila Liyanaarachchi
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> Just installed Kubuntu 9.10 on my PC and having a problem setting my screen
> resolution to 1024X768.
> Settings> System Settings> Display does not show 1024X768
> Then I search for the xorg.conf in my system but it was not there and I
> created a new one by executing the configure command. It generated the
> in \root.
> Then I have added a line with the resolution 1024X768 with refresh rate 70.
> Then I renamed and moved the file to \etc\X11. After that it started showing
> the 1024X768 in the display settings. I have changed it from there and it
> was working fine.
> When I restart the PC login screen and all still using a low resolution (I
> guess 800X600) so looks annoying, but soon after I login resolution changes
> to 1024X768.
> This happens every time I reboot the PC, it seems that the chosen
> (1024X768) resolution only applies after login in. Before login in to the
> system it displays every thing with 800X600. Any guess why this happens and
> how to solve this??
> Thanks,
> Amila
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