No desk top computer?

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at
Sun Feb 14 10:34:14 GMT 2010

On Sunday 14 Feb 2010 10:06:35 David Fletcher wrote:
> On Sunday 14 Feb 2010, uriah heep wrote:
> >  I would consider a minaturized desktop.  Can get Mini units about the size
> > of a small  brief case.  Flat screen monitor can be hung on the wall.
> > Complete with a wireless keyboard and mouse.  Just put a handle on the case
> > and a little cheap monitor when you are away from your wall mount..
> > uriah
> > 
> What I have here is, an Atom based mini-ITX board that I bought to replace the 
> mother board and power supply in a little server I built a couple of years 
> ago. The main objective is to reduce power consumption, but it will also get 
> rid of the rats nest of spare wires from the ATX power supply.
> This little board only needs a single 12V supply, which can be provided by a 
> DC wall wart if you wish, although I'm planning to build mine into the case. 
> With a hard drive attached and running Karmic server with the boinc client 
> installed to give it some work to do, it takes about 1.8A from the 12V 
> supply.
> I don't know whether this little board has enough processing power to run the 
> KDE desktop - I've not tried it - but if anybody wants to look up the specs 
> it's an Intel D945GSEJT.

I've run KDE perfectly happily on an Atom based netbook with a very slow graphics card so I've no reason to doubt it would run on something like that.

The OP might like to have a look at something like the Acer Aspire Revo. If you don't want gaming, and just do a bit of surfing and emailing it's a very tiny, low power PC with enough memory and grunt (and a good enough graphics card) to run KDE rather well. I use mine as a media centre and it does brilliantly.


> Dave

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