why is it so hard to install Kbbuntu 9.1?? help please

Frans Ketelaars ketelaars at wanadoo.nl
Sat Feb 13 22:06:06 GMT 2010

On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 16:59:09 +0200, Ahmad Abou el-naga wrote:

> I have tried many ways to install Kubuntu but i failed . I tried
> installing it but the setup doesn't start automatically

How did you try to install Kubuntu (from within Windows, or booting from 
the Kubuntu CD ) ? Could you use the Kubuntu CD to run as a "live CD" ?

> others started
> it by a command line I'm not an expert I'm just a simple user. so i
> tried it by wubi and opened the wubi version of Kubuntu 9.1 to install
> the permanent one and I did the complete setup with the partitioning 2
> ntfs drives (one having windows xp and the other own data) , an ext3
> drive and a 520 swap drive..installation was complete.. in the boot menu
> I had xp professional and Kubuntu >> on selecting Kubuntu I got an error
> maybe part of it was "reinstalling may fix the problem" so i uninstalled
> the wubi version to try again after restarting>> it didn't work and
> finally i removed the Kubuntu from the boot.ini so I only boot to
> windows automatically can I easily install Kubuntu or shall i just leave
> it? I liked it realy

It's always a good idea to accurately describe what you tried and what 
the results were. This list is here to help you to (easily) install and 
use Kubuntu :)

Maybe you should not start a new thread if it's about the same problem. 
(dual booting Windows XP and Kubuntu 9.10 IIRC).

Good luck!


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