Issues installing KDE 4.4

Alvin info at
Thu Feb 11 10:04:42 GMT 2010

On Thursday 11 February 2010 10:48:32 Georgi Kourtev wrote:
> Last night I got the message for this big update.  The package manager gave
> me option for certain packages, at the same time some 40+ are blocked.
> After restart plasma krashes and cannot be restarted. The machine however
> works but I need to start any program with Alt+F2 combination.
> In the Kpackage now I have one package (see below for the name) hanging for
> installation. Installed it already 3 times and it is still there.  When use
> apt-get in terminal got the following message :
> 	Errors were encountered while processing:
> 	 /var/cache/apt/archives/klipper_4%3a4.4.0-0ubuntu1~karmic1~ppa2_i386.deb
> 	E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
> My questions:
> 1. How to make the system (plasma as well) working properly?
> 2. How to make rid off this klipper package that is hanging?
> 2. Should I somehow force (how?) the installation of the blocked packages?

You probably need only to wait a bit until the repository is complete.

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