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Tue Feb 9 07:30:21 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 09 February 2010, Ahmad Abou el-naga wrote:
>I recently tried Kubuntu through windows(wubi) and I want to permanently
> install it but i have some questions please,
>1-when it was installing through wubu it came to the part of installing
> apps.(80%) and gave an error so i skipped 2-should I convert the file
> system to ext3 or ext4 and NTFS is not possible? 3 If I did this file
> system conversion or format will I loose anything If I did applied this to
> a separate drive other than that which has all the needed data and the
> drive for windows?
>thanks in advance :)

The separate drive is nice, and quite doable..  As far as the windows portion 
of a drive, it should be 'defragged' using the windows tool to do that, and 
the last time I saw it, it gave you a visual map showing the free area of the 
drive.  Using a partitioning tool, shrink the windows portion so there is a 
little room left for windows to wiggle in, and then make 2 new partitions on 
the inner portion of the disk for linux, using all but a gigabyte or so for 
an ext3 filesystem, and the last gigabyte as 'swap' space, which linux will 
use as additional memory by paging it in and out so a 1Gb machine looks like 
a 2Gb machine.  Likewise a 4Gb machine needs about 4Gb of swap, but won't use 
it quite as often.

Or you can do all the partitioning on a second (third,forth etc) drive.  I 
have 4 1Tb drives here, all of them bootable to various flavors of linux.

The limits are your hardware budget and imagination.  The latter is usually 
free. ;-)

Cheers, Gene
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