Thunderbird 3.1a1PRE

Tom Bell cbell44 at
Sun Feb 7 03:18:28 GMT 2010

 I checked the KPackageKit program and upgraded to Thunderbird
3.1.whatever.  It is shown as Shredder 3.1a1PRE and none of the
extensions for Thunderbird work with it.  I am curious if this KDE's way
of sabotaging users of Thunderbird.  When I try to check on addons it
takes me to the normal Thunderbird page for addons.  There is nothing
there that is compatible with this version of Thunderbird if it is a
version of Thunderbird.
There doesn't seem to be a middle ground between the 2.0 version I had
and the new 3.1a1PRE.  Maybe I missed something along the way, but
currently I can not find a version somewhere between the two in the
sources.  As far as I am aware, I don't use any development sources in
the repositories.
Thank you!


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