Strange Konqueror Problem

Jonas Norlander jonorland at
Fri Feb 5 12:16:22 GMT 2010

On 5 February 2010 09:02, Reinhold Rumberger <rrumberger at> wrote:
> On Thursday 04 February 2010, Michael Hirsch wrote:
>> On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 6:05 PM, Tony Sivori <TonySivori at>
> wrote:
>> > Occasionally I archive web pages using Konqueror to archive the
>> > page with the .war file type.
>> I would guess that it is this extension that is giving you
>> trouble. .war is an extension used by most Java application
>> server to the bundle of file that encapsulates a java
>> application.  Why not just use the .html extension?
>> > All was well until I made a back up of the folder containing the
>> > archived web pages. The back up was a simple copy and paste
>> > from one hard drive to a second hard internal drive on the same
>> > computer.
>> >
>> > When attempting to open any of the copied web archives, I get
>> > this error:
>> >
>> > "There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated
>> > Konqueror with application/x-webarchive, but it cannot handle
>> > this file type."
>> Konqueror doesn't know how to open a war and run the java code.
>> The question is why doesn't this happen on your original hard
>> drive?  And I don't know the answer.  But I bet if you rename
>> them all .html your problem would be solved.
>> Alternatively, you could try changing your file association so
>> that .war is associated with HTML files, and not with web
>> archives.
> You're completely misreading the situation as well as having no clue
> what he's actually doing. Konqueror bundles websites with their
> resources (pictures, etc.) into a specially structured tar file,
> which it calls "war". The fact that this extension is also used in
> java environments to bundle web applications is purely coincidental.
>  --Reinhold

And the war file produced with Konqueror is just a gzipped tar file.
The war file used with java and webapplication is a jar file (which is
a zipp file) with some special files and folder.
Back to the OT, I can save and load war files with Konqueror. I have
Kubuntu 9.10 and KDE 4.3.5.

/ Jonas

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